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Built with a team of learning advisors specialized in online learning, graphic and multimedia designers as well as experienced faculty members, our courses allow Concordia’s students to learn from anywhere, at their own pace.

Our team has broad expertise in online learning and teaching, being behind many award-winning course designs. With interactivity and engagement as a constant emphasis, we put, however, at the forefront of all our courses the course objectives, making sure that student success is measured not by the number of online tools but by the learning outcomes.

  • Robert Beauchemin
    President eConcordia & KnowledgeOne

    Room: S-FB 700
    Phone: 514-989-1616

    Robert Beauchemin is the President and CEO of eConcordia & KnowledgeOne. He leads a dedicated learning and technology expert team, which focuses on the execution, delivery and support of evolved, custom-built, intelligently designed and highly interactive training solutions for the higher education sector and new emerging markets.

    Through his 30 years of professional experience in information technology, including the management of several large-scale computer solutions development projects, he acquired a strategic vision, as well as leadership, negotiation and change management skills in a multidisciplinary environment.

    Before joining eConcordia & KnowledgeOne, Robert was vice-president of Knowledge Management and vice-president of the Global Training and Simulation Division for ten years at SNC-Lavalin.

    In this role, he was responsible for ensuring that the division remained at the cutting edge of eLearning and simulation technologies and that the solutions offered to clients were delivered on time and budget with high levels of client satisfaction.

    He was also the founding partner and vice-president of Devonyx Solutions Inc., acquired by SNC-Lavalin to become the Global Training and Simulation Division as well as the founding partner and vice-president of the software solutions company UniGlobal acquired by CGI, as well as founder and president of the training and multimedia consulting firm INTÉGRATION Inc.

    Along with a master’s degree in media studies from Concordia, Beauchemin possesses a bachelor’s degree in communication from the Université de Montréal.

    Robert is in demand as a lecturer and panellist in Canada and abroad. His seminars and workshops include topics such as “Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education,” and “Gamification of Learning: The Application of Game Design Elements to Learning Activities.”

    He currently serves as director on the Board of l’Institut de la francophonie pour l'ingénierie de la connaissance (IFIC) for the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie.

    He also sits on the evaluation committee for grant applications submitted under the Digital Educational Call for Proposals, sponsored by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec (FRQ) and also sits on the governance and finance committees of the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education for the Campus numérique du Québec initiative.

  • Anik de St-Hilaire
    Chief Academic Officer

    Room: S-FB 700
    Phone: 514-989-1616

    Anik de St-Hilaire is the Chief Academic Officer at eConcordia where she works closely with the various Concordia entities to define the vision for online courses. She joined the team in 2015 as Vice President Academic Development, and since 2020 has been appointed to head the academic team to oversee the production of the online courses. She also sits on Concordia Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning.

    Anik has a Master's degree in Educational Technology and over 25 years of experience in training, elearning and multimedia production. She has worked as a director, project manager, production manager, and has led teams of instructional and multimedia designers in both academic (UQAM, UDM) and industrial (SNC-Lavalin, Bombardier, Domtar) settings.

  • Stephanie Trott
    Director, Course Development

    Room: S-FB 700
    Phone: 514-989-1616

    Stephanie leads eConcordia’s online accredited course development teams, including project management, learning experience design, graphic design and interactive development.

    Stephanie is Six Sigma Green Belt certified, is trained in Agile Methodology and holds a Bachelor in Italian from Queen’s University.

    Before joining eConcordia in 2019, Stephanie served in several key roles in operations management, change management, process engineering and language services, all within the post-production filmmaking industry.

  • Xiaojing GE
    Academic Administrator

    Room: S-FB 700
    Phone: 514-989-1616

    Xiaojing Ge is the Academic Administrator at eConcordia who works with all faculties at Concordia University for online course pipeline planning and management. Reporting to the Chief Academic Officer, she is responsible for planning future and monitoring current credited online courses in development and participating in stakeholder meetings ensuring that projects milestones are communicated in a timely manner. She also works closely with eConcordia internal teams to plan in advance for the reasonable project delivery timeline and required people resources, as well as tracks the progress and status of projects in the pipeline. She is one of the key liaison persons to connect Concordia and eConcordia resources, also communicates progress to all stakeholders.

    Xiaojing has been a part of eConcordia since 2008. Having obtained her MA in Educational Technology at Concordia University, she worked with the course development team and Subject Matter Experts to create fully online courses in the front line for over 10 years. Her works covered content integration, instructional design and project management, which gave her a clear mind about every single step in the whole process of course design and development, as well as for the big picture about project scope and status from the beginning to the end. During the COVID-19 pandemic time, she was deeply involved with the eCon Express model pipeline management with Concordia, which provided her rich experiences to manage different types of online courses and business models.

  • Erika Giraldo
    Lead Learning Experience Designer

    Room: S-FB 700
    Phone: 514-989-1616

    Erika Giraldo is the Lead Learning Experience Designer, Pedagogy and UDL Specialist at eConcordia. Her role is to act as the point of contact for all pedagogical initiatives, provide guidelines, guidance and mentorship to other Learning Experience Designers (including supporting professors with their online approach, design analysis, learning objectives, instructional and assessment strategies, universal design and accessibility, among others.)

    Erika has over 10 years of experience as a teacher and educational technologist. Passionate about enhancing accessibility and inclusivity in digital learning environments, she is dedicated to leading teams, assessing content, creating training, and developing human capital. Committed to evaluating the needs of both faculty and students, her goal is to provide pedagogically sound advice that helps individuals choose the best educational solutions possible.

    She leads the eConcordia's Accessibility Committee to provide guidelines and recommendations for accessible and inclusive learning solutions. She is also a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC), a title provided by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP). This certification extends her cross-disciplinary knowledge about disabilities, accessibility, universal design, accessibility compliance standards, laws, and management techniques. Erika also holds a Master's degree in Educational Technology from Concordia University and a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management from McGill University. Before joining eConcordia, she had many years of teaching experience, notably as an English teacher at the LaSalle University in Colombia.