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Accessibility Compliance

eConcordia is committed to making its site accessible to all Internet users. This ensures that everyone can navigate and access information on the web regardless of disability, device or technical constraint.

Government standard

eConcordia website was developed in adherence with the Web accessibility standards of the Government of Quebec.

eConcordia cannot guarantee the accessibility of content from third parties who are not subject to the Web accessibility standards (SGQRI 008 2.0).


If you have any problems navigating this site, contact us by completing the feedback form: Report a website accessibility issue.

In addition, the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities provides programs and services that support the integration and independence of students with disabilities into the university community.

Furthermore, the Policy on Accessibility for Students with Disabilities outlines the respective roles and responsibilities of the University and of students with disabilities with respect to accessibility to the academic programs and physical facilities of the University.


The Portal and all its components are fully accessible.