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How we support

The creation of an online course comprises many stages, each with its particular challenges. With a consistent background and expertise in educational technologies, our team of experts is here to help all Faculty members from the first discussions about developing an online course up to the implementation and subsequent course offerings.

We are firm believers that technology can provide support to achieve many learning objectives. However, it will always be a medium to help students along their learning path and never a goal in itself. In other words, we use technology to enhance experiences, engage and support students, with a straightforward pedagogical approach and never use it due to its novelty, but rather its use in achieving a specific educational purpose.

Through the use of the eConcordia Learning Management System or Moodle, we “bend” technology to respond to clear learning needs and are here for any Faculty member during the following stages of online course development:

  1. we assess together the viability and options for transition to online formats,
  2. we explain the course development procedure and brainstorm ideas about the best use of technology.

  1. our team repurposes the content for online delivery,
  2. we draw on best practices to align content, pedagogy, technology, and the learners’ needs,
  3. we establish a timeline and communication plan with the Faculty,
  4. engagement and interactivity concepts are designed,
  5. audio and video opportunities inside or outside the classroom setting are followed through,
  6. the course look & feel, matching the content and the professor’s vision, is put in place,
  7. we set up the assessment strategy,
  8. we implement all necessary tracking elements,
  9. quality assurance tests are performed,
  10. all the upcoming session components are set up and ready for deployment.

We support professors during the day-to-day course operation by providing:

  1. outline integration,
  2. responses to students’ technical issues,
  3. administrative support to professors and teaching assistants.

Watch the video below for an example of how we improved Moodle capabilities to ease navigation and increase engagement.