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Our mission is to provide each Concordia faculty member with reliable, cost-effective online course development and delivery resources and consequently empower students with knowledge through an accessible, engaging and quality online learning experience.

Our team includes instructional designers, graphic and multimedia designers, video producers, programmers, web developers, quality assurance specialists and, implementation and technical support specialists, creating a turn-key solution for any online teaching needs.

Our custom solutions involve you from the inception of the process to ensure your learning strategy is implemented according to your needs. We also provide you with input and advice based on our many years of experience in creating award-winning online courses.

While creating online courses, we make sure that your custom blend of learning tools and technologies is designed not for the sake of using specific components but for students to reach the course learning objectives.

Watch the videos below for a few examples of the work we have done recently:

Example of rich visuals and animation

Branching learning paths

Example of rich visuals and animation and consistent course structure

Gamification elements

Gated progression and animated videos

Accessibility features

Virtual Reality environments