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EDUC 307 - Integrating Digital Technologies and Social Media In Learning Environments

The purpose of EDUC 307 course is to prepare learners to select, implement, and evaluate the emerging forms of digital technologies and social media to enhance the learning process across formal and informal educational settings. EDUC 307 is based on the application of social, constructivist and cognitive theories to achieve a critical understanding of the impact of digital technologies on pedagogy and practice. One major theme in EDUC 307 is to engage students in practical project-based activities, so that students get a chance to create media and evaluate its use in its specific context. Throughout the course, learners will be encouraged to share reflections of their own use of digital technologies. Content will be mainly drawn from the required textbooks.
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: 
Select, implement, and evaluate appropriate technologies for pedagogical purposes.
Critically examine and interpret social, constructivist and cognitive theories relevant to the use of digital technologies in educational settings.
Develop an understanding of technology and learning in global contexts.
Reflect on affordances of digital technologies, drawing examples from activities/lessons learned/discussions in class.
Apply key concepts learned during the course to evaluate practical project-based activities involving the use of digital technologies for learning.


  • Fall (September 3 - December 2, 2024)
  • Winter (January 13 - April 12, 2025)


Please refer to the Course Outline below.


Undergraduate, 3 credits

There is no access fee for this course.


Please note:  students registering for this course must have an electronic device (tablet, laptop), capable of receiving and sending a wireless signal.


The following books are the required texts for the course. Students have the option to buy them as hardcopy or etexts. They are available in both formats.
1. Venkatesh, V., Wallin, J., Castro, J.C., & Lewis, J. . (Eds.) (2014). Educational, Psychological, and Behavioral Considerations in Niche Online Communities. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

2. Langmia, K., Tyree, T., O'Brien, P., & Sturgis, I. ( Eds.) (2014). Social Media: Pedagogy and Practice. New York, NY: University Press of America.

Total Price to be paid to the Publisher (prices may change). Publisher access information is on the course website.

Registration Information:

Concordia students must register for this course in their Student Hub. It is strongly recommended that they consult Concordia's class schedule prior to enrolling in order to be aware of any registration restrictions (see the notes). Once registered, students must then sign up for an eConcordia account to access the course material. » Visit the registration section for details.


Disclaimer: Information regarding the eConcordia course found on this page may change without notice. For the most recent course list, visit the Student Hub. Furthermore, if this represents the initial offering of the course, no course outline will be available until the start of the first active semester.