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GDBA 540 - Entrepreneurship

The objective of this course is to introduce graduate students to the entrepreneurial process and the role of entrepreneurs in the new economy. Rooted in change and innovation, the discipline of entrepreneurship is practiced by people with a wide range of backgrounds and academic experience.  Throughout this course, you will be led to examine how entrepreneurship can be complementary to your own background.  Whether your primary interest is in health sciences, engineering, fine arts or other industries, there are many situations where you can benefit by having more entrepreneurial knowledge.
To understand recent theories and practice in entrepreneurship, we combine concepts and real cases throughout the course along with videos of entrepreneurs as well as guest speakers. You can expect, in this course, to concurrently evaluate data and/or decisions in several areas of entrepreneurship and venture creation and to apply sound, relevant theoretical concepts to the problems and issues that develop. 
Topics to be covered include: The entrepreneurial process, the entrepreneur, the venture creation process, the business plan, venture financing, marketing, operations, purchasing a business, franchising, managing growth, emerging trends, social entrepreneurship and management of family firms.


  • Winter (January 9 - April 17, 2023)


Ronald J. Abraira


Graduate, 3 credits

$93.45 CAD + applicable taxes.


Balderson, Mombourquette.  Canadian Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, 11th Edition (Canadian Edition).  McGraw-Hill

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