ELEC 321 - Introduction to Semiconductor Materials and Devices

Introduction to Semiconductor Materials and Devices

ELEC 321
Introduction to Semiconductor Materials and Devices

  • Winter (January 13 - April 20, 2021)
  • Winter (January 6 - April 13, 2022)

Undergraduate, 3 credits


Mojtaba Kahrizi

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$125.95 CAD + applicable taxes.


Fundamentals underlying optical and electronic devices. The structure and growth of crystals. The energy band model for elemental and compound semiconductors. Electronic and optical properties of semiconductors. Electroluminescence and photoluminescence. The semiconductor in equilibrium. Carrier transport and non-equilibrium phenomena. Introductions to junctions and devices. The laboratory demonstrates the basic electrical and optical properties of semiconductor materials. Lectures: three hours per week. Tutorial: one hour per week. Laboratory: 15 hours total.


Prerequisite: CHEM 205; ENGR 213.


Donald A. Neamen, Semiconductor Physics and Devices: Basic Principles, 4th edition (Publisher: McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0073529583)

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