PSYC 255 - Brain and Behaviour

Brain and Behaviour

PSYC 255
Brain and Behaviour

  • Summer I (May 4 - June 17, 2020)
  • Winter (January 6 - April 13, 2021)

Undergraduate, 3 credits


Wayne Brake

Direct Access Fee:

$62.48 CAD + applicable taxes.


This course is an introduction to the biological bases of behaviour. The structural and functional anatomy of the central nervous system is presented, with particular emphasis on the neural pathways involved in behaviours relating to motivation, mood, learning and memory, and sensation and perception. This course explores how recent research helps in understanding how normal and abnormal brain functioning affect human behaviour.


Students registered in a Psychology program may not take this course for credit. Students who have received credit for PSYC 355 cannot take this course for credit.


Bob Garrett. Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Biological Psychology, 4th Edition. Sage.

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