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Lesson 1 — Readings


Note: There is no textbook for this course. Instead, Dr. Le Bel and Professor Simpkins have prepared Course Notes that are divided into individual modules.


Your assigned reading for this lesson is:

Marketing Yourself (COMM299M) Course Notes.


You will notice augmented functionality throughout each Module, such as:

  • The dashboard style buttons at the bottom of each title page are navigational jumps, and take the user to the corresponding segment of the Module;
  • Web links are provided to pertinent companies/organizations/concepts where available. Mouse over the text, and the cursor turns to a small hand with text displayed alongside it; click to access that web URL;
  • Some Modules have fillable forms where users can enter text in labelled fields. If the PDF is saved, the text is saved and editable in the PDF as well.
  • Enhanced PDF features for other COMM299M Modules will be featured according to pertinence and availability.

We welcome any comments or feedback you may have on the new COMM299M Course Notes. Thank you, and enjoy the course.