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We created this ground-breaking course to show students how the power of marketing can be applied to their careers as employees, professionals, entrepreneurs and/or artists. To achieve this, we demonstrated how proven marketing principles can be applied to one of the biggest challenges you'll face in your lifetime: marketing yourself.

If you're new to the field of marketing, Marketing Yourself introduces you to key marketing concepts. If you've already taken one or more marketing courses, Marketing Yourself will enrich and expand your existing knowledge of these key concepts, which include:

    Photograph of Dr. Jordan L. Le Bel and Professor Harold J. Simpkins
  • Identifying and qualifying opportunities
  • Selecting target markets
  • Setting marketing objectives
  • Creating marketing strategies and the 4 Ps - Product, Price, Place and Promotion
  • Marketing plan development and execution

This course guides you in the preparation of a marketing plan that will ultimately help you to reach your goals as an employee, professional, entrepreneur and/or artist. It's our hope that Marketing Yourself will launch you on a rewarding journey of self-discovery—a journey that will help you to get to know, position and adapt yourself for sustained success in whatever your chosen field may be.